• Glass

    Glass (2019)

    Glass is the third leg of Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy. While many haven’t been onboard the entire time, I have to admit that M. Night pulled it off. Sure, it took two studios and nearly twenty years…but it works. Does it pay off the expectations of those trained on DCEU...
  • SPLIT 3


    SPLIT REVIEWED “Split” is a pretty crazy movie. It feels like a mix between indie horror and performance art. The lead works as a stripper, while also trying to land acting jobs. She becomes obsessed with a mask maker who creates utter works of art. Little by little, she...
  • SPLIT 5


    SPLIT REVIEWED “Split” continues to prove that Blumhouse brings out the best in M. Night Shyamalan. However, the third act shows signs that Shyamalan is wanting to return to old habits. But, let’s stop for a moment. The film begins with overtures to the director’s previous Philly/Bucks County odysseys...