Ford V Ferrari poster

Matt reviews Ford v. Ferrari in ScreenX

AndersonVision’s favorite graphic artist Matt Garretson reviews Ford v. Ferrari I had the opportunity to view Ford v. Ferrari in a Regal theater featuring CJ 4DPLEX Screen-X technology, which to...

Matt reviews Ford v. Ferrari in ScreenX 4

ScreenX2: The Quickening + A Word on Captain Marvel

Previously on AndersonVision… Last November, I delivered some critical words on ScreenX, the premium theatrical format that boasts a 270-degree, wall-enveloping screen. In case you missed it, my exper...

Matt reviews Ford v. Ferrari in ScreenX 6

ScreenX: premium format theater hits LA

Before the discussion of ScreenX begins, we need a preface. In the decade since Christopher Nolan popularized filming with IMAX cameras in The Dark Knight, the major Hollywood studios have incremental...

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