Richard Roundtree

Shaft in Africa blu

Summer of Shaft: Shaft in Africa (1973)

Shaft in Africa is the film that killed the initial John Shaft movies. It seems like it should have hit all of those niches right between the eyes. You have the sexuality of a human slave trade film, ...


Summer of Shaft: Shaft’s Big Score (1972)

Shaft’s Big Score is probably my favorite Shaft film. Building almost immediately off the action of the first film, Shaft is caught in an emerging mob war. Multiple spots in the Ghetto are being...

Funny Shaft

Summer of Shaft: Shaft (1971)

The Summer of Shaft begins now! Shaft debuted in 1971 as audiences were growing far too accustomed to the Youth Power films and Studio Tentpoles of the era. Director Gordo...

Earthquake: Collector’s Edition [Review]

Earthquake received a proper Collector’s Edition. For the first time, you’re getting the original cut and the extended TV cut that NBC aired in the late 1970s. That TV cut was on the VHS I...

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