IMDB Avengers Cosplay boat

Avengers: Endgame Cosplay Meet-up with the Russo Brothers at SDCC

Calling all cosplayers! In celebration of the upcoming Digital and Blu-ray release of AVENGERS ENDGAME and to kick-off the We Love You 3000 fan give-back tour, Anthony and Joe Russo will visit the IMD...


DreamWorks Animation Reveals She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3 Trailer

During today’s packed panel at San Diego Comic-Con, DreamWorks Animation gave fans a sneak peek into the highly anticipated third season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Panelists included execu...

Vita and Virginia

Vita & Virginia (2018) unveils an impressive trailer

VITA & VIRGINIA In Select Theaters August 23rd And Available On VOD August 30th Set amidst the bohemian high society of 1920s England, Vita & Virginia tells the scintillating true story of a...

boom blu

Boom!: Elizabeth Taylor does Camp [Review]

Boom is an underrated masterpiece from director Joseph Losey. For those that don’t know Losey, I’ll keep the explanation simple. Joseph Losey is a director with a lot of camp following. Fo...

new york ripper

The New York Ripper [3-Disc Limited Edition]

The New York Ripper has this weird legacy among the later Fulci films. While it had a rather unceremonious bow in Italy during the Spring of 1982, the whirlwind didn’t kick up until its releases...

How To Stuff A Wild Bikini [Review] 16

How To Stuff A Wild Bikini [Review]

How to Stuff A Wild Bikini arrived as the sixth film in the AIP Beach Party series. After 20 minutes of the film, it should be painfully obvious that logic went straight out the window. Frankie was st...

Cinderella: Signature Edition [Review]

Cinderella took two years to finish. As Disney came out of the financial drain of World War II, it seemed like it was going to take forever to get back to normal. Plus, Europe was just now coming back...

Untether Yourself from US [Review] 26

Untether Yourself from US [Review]

Us has taken America by storm. March is rapidly becoming the month where people remember that theaters still exist. Ready Player One, Dumbo and US are the recent examples of people heading out to thea...

A Patch of Blue [Review]

A Patch of Blue is one of those films I knew by reputation. Sidney Poitier could no wrong coming off Lilies in the Field and right before In The Heat of the Night. Yet, he chose to do A Patch of Blue....

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