Mill Creek

fit to kill mill creek

Mill Creek Entertainment Movies to Binge during Home Quarantine

Mill Creek Entertainment has been very good to AndersonVision. As such, we want to be good to them and let you guys know what is available to check out during the weirdest Spring in recent memory. So,...

The New Kids

The New Kids is more relevant than Friday the 13th [Review]

The New Kids has a bit of a reputation. Growing up, I was aware of the film. Yet it seemed like something that always eluded me at the video store. Given the cast (Lori Loughlin, Tom Atkins and James ...

White Line Fever

White Line Fever: Airwolf It Ain’t [Review]

White Line Fever is one of those perfect White Trash cinema milestones. Standing out against the typical early 70s fare, this was a movie about truckers rebelling against corporate interests. Sure, th...

Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Beside Me 6

Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Beside Me

The Stranger Beside Me is a TV movie that arrived in 2000. It seems to be getting a Blu-ray release to the sudden rise of interest in Ted Bundy after a string of Netflix releases. Barbara Hershey and...

Double Team: Dennis Rodman saves the World...again [Review] 9

Double Team: Dennis Rodman saves the World…again [Review]

Double Team isn’t Double Impact. Let’s just make sure everyone knows that. Impact had two JCVDs, while Impact has to settle for a Dennis Rodman team-up. For people not alive in the 1990s, ...

excess baggage title

Excess Baggage [Review]

Excess Baggage is a film I remember seeing advertised a lot as a teenager. However, I don’t ever remember anyone fawning over it. There was a point in youth culture right before media saturation...



5 CLASSIC WAR FILMS REVIEWED “5 Classic War Films” is a collection of Columbia Pictures’ flicks that either on MOD or Out of Print. The people assembling these compilations know their work...

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