Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio flamethrower pool 2019

Talking about the Best Films of 2019 in 2020 [Review]

While I’ve been waiting to finish off the Best of 2019, I’ve been preparing the Best of 2020. It’s been that kind of a year. In that time, I’ve also come to learn that there ne...

10 Perfect
Midsommar Blu

Midsommar [Blu-ray review]

Midsommar still holds up for me. That’s a good thing, as this has been a year of me second-guessing new releases. Well, not as bad as the rest of the Film Reviewing Sphere of Interest. But, it&#...

Midsommar [Review] 6

Midsommar [Review]

Midsommar is the horror film I needed right now. 2019 has been a bust for the most part and I’ve waited for a film to drop in my lap. That’s not to say that I haven’t seen smaller fi...

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