Destroyer Mission Impossible Fallout Mandy Buster Scruggs

Best of 2018 #2: Mandy, Mission Impossible – Fallout, Destroyer, Ballad of Buster Scruggs

2) Troy’s Pick – Mandy Troy understands that there is a current backlash to Mandy. He kindly asks all of the detractors to die in a dumpster fire. Check out his Mandy review here. 2) Danie...

Eighth Grade Mandy Mission Impossible Fallout Chappaquiddick

Best of 2018 #5: Eighth Grade, Mandy, Mission Impossible – Fallout, Chappaquiddick

5) Troy’s Pick – Eighth Grade The fallout of being at busy as a movie site is that you can’t always cover everything you want. Troy enjoyed the holy hell out of Eighth Grade. While h...

Leave No Trace Solo Mandy Anna and the Apocalypse

Best of 2018 #19: Leave No Trace, Solo, Mandy, Anna and the Apocalypse

19) Troy’s Pick – Leave No Trace Leave No Trace is one of those films that just worked on Troy’s brain for months. There’s something about kids having to deal with their parent...

mandy logo

MANDY (2018)

MANDY (2018) REVIEWED “Mandy” is Pan Cosmatos’s follow-up to Beyond the Black Rainbow. While I wasn’t a fan of that first film, things have changed. What Cosmatos achieves in M...

9.2 Amazing

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