Lisa Loeb

Realm Power Trip header 10 Perfect

Power Trip Season 1 — A Summing-Up

It’s a strange feeling to seemingly be the only person talking about something you think is great — something you think really deserves more people listening, paying attention to it, and (...

Realm Power Trip header 10 Perfect

Power Trip Episode 8 “Forgive Me”

“Forgiveness” is a very big word. It implies so much that we either take for granted or perhaps find we cannot move ourselves to do at all, particularly with some people whose actions we f...

Realm Power Trip header 9.9 Amazing

Power Trip Episode 7 “Hate Me”

…each woman and each man Craves what it cannot have, Not universal love But to be loved alone. — from “September 1, 1939”, by W. H. Auden There’s a very famous quote from...


House on Haunted Hill: Collector’s Edition

House on Haunted Hill surprised me. While I wasn’t a fan of William Castle at the time, this movie helped warm me to the man’s work. The film is typical for late 90s horror. A bunch of WB ...

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