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Yesterday [4K Review]

Yesterday is pretty easy to forget. Yesterday is a film that played odd. Yeah, I get that British rom com style fantasies attract a certain degree of weirdness. After watching Richard Curtis make the ...

Yesterday [4K Review] 3


ROUGH NIGHT REVIEWED “Rough Night” is a very poor take on “Very Bad Things”. I’m not a devoted fan of that Peter Berg film, but the similarities are immense. Does one gen...

Yesterday [4K Review] 5

THE WORST OF 2016: 1) Ghostbusters (2016)

GHOSTBUSTERS REVIEWED “Ghostbusters” came to represent everything about 2016. Forget about Donald Trump, Hillary or even the Grim Reaper trying to bowl a perfect game. When I initially rev...

Yesterday [4K Review] 7


MASTERMINDS REVIEWED “Masterminds” shows that America is still finding the dark humor in true crime cases. Partially based on the 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery, the film tries to take the Hess...

Yesterday [4K Review] 9


THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE REVIEWED “The Angry Birds Movie” shows what happens when you try to give a mobile game some backstory. While the voice casting is strong and the film carries itself strong ...

Yesterday [4K Review] 11


“Ghostbusters” became socially relevant again in the most contrived marketing ploy propelled by the two worst online factions. For most of the last year, the average Internet user has had ...

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