Joker Best of 2019 pic by Matt Garretson 9.8 Amazing

Joker: I Love Everything You Hate [Top 25 of 2019]

Top 25 of 2019: #6 Joker People thought there were going to be mass shootings in Joker screenings. That was the initial line of derision. Then, came the talk of the film being Baby’s First Taxi ...

Joker title

In a society, where Joker is too smart [Review]

The Joker is one of those cornerstone characters of American comics. Created in the 1940s as a large clown figure designed to keep wartime orphans amused, the character has grown darker in recent deca...



SUICIDE SQUAD REVIEWED “Suicide Squad” is the first DC cinematic adventure that I utterly enjoyed. While it’s not the Squad that I grew up loving, it’s closer in tone than any ...

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