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Cats Review: Still Better Than Bombshell

Cats is a Disasterpiece says 100 other sites! Cats isn’t as bad as others are relating to you from what they were told. But, it’s also kinda trash. Why are these two different things? Hell...



SMALLFOOT REVIEWED “Smallfoot” didn’t register with me until I heard an older person complaining about it. Basically, they saw the film as old world religion condemning the modern Ch...

Cats Review: Still Better Than Bombshell 5


PETER RABBIT REVIEWED “Peter Rabbit” caught me by surprise. I’m always a sucker for a well-made movie for kids. Rarely do I get to indulge that pleasure, but 2018 has dropped Padding...

Cats Review: Still Better Than Bombshell 7


THE EMOJI MOVIE REVIEWED “The Emoji Movie” is going to be a punching bag for a ton of film pundits. I’m not going to lie and say that the film doesn’t deserve its bruises. The ...

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