Gemma Chan

  • Captain Marvel (2019) [Blu-ray Review] 1

    Captain Marvel (2019) [Blu-ray Review]

    Captain Marvel found an audience. That alone spurred thousands of thinkpieces and Gawker Media style backpats. The fact that the socially conscious Internet is willing to praise the millions made by media corporations still irks me. But, let’s divorce identity politics from Captain Marvel for a moment. Origin movies...
  • Mary Queen of Scots (2018) review 6

    Mary Queen of Scots (2018) review

    Mary Queen of Scots is catnip for fans of British royal history. The early Elizabethan era was the stuff that Michael Corleone dealt with in the first Godfather. People are hidden in the countryside, relatives try to murder you and everyone is in on the assassination plots. People battle...