Impractical Jokers Digital Release Friends

Friends kicks off the Monday News – Impractical Jokers, The Wretched

Spring Cleaning Tips To Get Your Home “Monica” Clean #OwnFriendsTV Now is the time to go through that junk closet of yours, so you don’t have to say “You weren’t supposed to see that!!” wh...

Friends How You Doin

Joey Tribbiani’s How You Doin? 2020 Supercut

How You Doin? For 10 seasons straight, Joey Tribbiani utilized his famous on-liner to pick up women – and it honestly worked! The three renowned word’s “How You Doin’?” on the hit series spawned a dec...

Friends streaming

Friends is officially on a break from streaming.

On September 22, 1994 the first episode of Friends aired on NBC, and since then the series, characters and its infamous taglines have become a global phenomenon. After 236 episodes and its ten season ...

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