Dark Sky Films

attraction 2 invasion poster

Dark Sky Films Brings ATTRACTION 2: INVASION on July 21st

Two years have passed since an alien spaceship crash-landed in Chertanovo. After her direct contact with extra terrestrial technologies, Julia, a previously ordinary girl, has become an object of stud...

Cut Off poster

Dark Sky Films Bring CUT OFF To Digital on July 3rd

While performing an autopsy, coroner Paul Herzfeld (Moritz Bleibtreu) discovers a note in the skull of a corpse with a phone number which belongs to his all but estranged daughter, whom he soon discov...

'BITCH' Acquired by MPI Media Group + Dark Sky Films 3

‘BITCH’ Acquired by MPI Media Group + Dark Sky Films

MPI Media Group announced today that it has acquired multi-territory rights to BITCH, a dark and unsettling dramedy from writer-director Marianna Palka, who also stars alongside Jason Ritter. The film...

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