Brendan Hines

Realm Power Trip header 10 Perfect

Power Trip [Best of 2022 Podcast Review]

As we wrap up calendar year 2022, let's take a moment to appreciate the talents a great podcast company was able to assemble to produce a compassionate, devastatingly-funny and darkly-lovable look at ...

Huluween Bite Size Halloween Snatched 9.9 Amazing

Snatched (2022) [Hulu’s Bite-Size Halloween Review]

A 15-year-old boy finally comes out to his parents; they seem as doubtful of accepting it as he’d feared. Then what looks to be a meteor shower hits overnight — and the next morning, he ge...

Realm Power Trip header 10 Perfect

Power Trip Season 1 — A Summing-Up

It’s a strange feeling to seemingly be the only person talking about something you think is great — something you think really deserves more people listening, paying attention to it, and (...

Realm Power Trip header 10 Perfect

Power Trip Episode 8 “Forgive Me”

“Forgiveness” is a very big word. It implies so much that we either take for granted or perhaps find we cannot move ourselves to do at all, particularly with some people whose actions we f...

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