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“Swedish Dicks” is a show that I wasn’t expecting to like. Hell, I only discovered it this season. What we get is Keanu Reeves guest-starring as a bad guy in a detective show headlined by Peter Stormare. Let me slow that down a moment. Keanu Reeves gets to play an 80s style cop show creep that gives Peter Stormare trouble on a weekly basis. Plus, it’s pretty funny at times. All I thought Pop did was reair that Wolf Creek show and give Stephanie Tanner something to do as an adult.

No one episode of the second season stands out to me, but I tend to lend preference to the two or three episodes that give Reeves face time. The once and future Ted “Theodore” Logan plays incredibly well off of Stormare. The family angle and forced sidekick kinda of annoy me, but I get why they are there. Could it be that Pop TV finally has a true blue hit on their hands? To get the answer, I asked a group of 20 people if they ever heard of this show or Pop TV. The answers were less than satisfying.

So, beat the mainstream and get in on something on the ground floor. It will be worth the effort.


  • 10 episodes
  • POP TV

RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW! (airs every Thursday)

  • 93%
    Content Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

Two detectives without a clue. Pop TV’s procedural comedy series SWEDISH DICKS is back for a deliciously wild second season beginning tonight, Thursday, July 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with all new back-to-back, half-hour long episodes every week.

Created by series lead Peter Stormare (“American Gods,” “John Wick: Chapter 2”), SWEDISH DICKS follows an aging ex-stuntman turned second-rate Private I who teams up with an overly optimistic Swedish DJ who’s stuck in the digital world. Together, the two become unstuck by forming the detective firm “Swedish Dicks” and set out to solve some of LA’s weirdest crimes.


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