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Suspense and Danger Lurk in Upcoming Thriller “The Latent Image”

Get ready for intrigue and thrills when the acclaimed British psychological drama The Latent Image arrives on DVD and VOD/streaming September 12 from Cinephobia.

This tense Hitchcockian thriller mixes seduction and fear as a young gay writer’s solitary retreat in the woods is interrupted by a mysterious and attractive stranger. Their charged encounters soon blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Directed by Alexander McGregor Birrell, The Latent Image expands on his award-winning 2019 short film of the same name. Birrell ratchets up the tension as desires and hidden dangers collide in the forest.

Lead actors Joshua Tonks and Jay Clift simmer with complex chemistry, drawing viewers into their ominously intimate story. Sexuality and fear intermingle in ever more unsettling ways before the shocking finale.

Suspense and Danger Lurk in Upcoming Thriller

Hailed on the LGBTQ festival circuit for its atmospheric visuals and themes of repressed desire, The Latent Image promises riveting psychological drama. This visceral British import will leave you on edge as its twisting narrative hurtles toward its haunting conclusion.

Don’t miss out when The Latent Image arrives on DVD and VOD/streaming on September 12.

Let this acclaimed thriller seduce you with suspense before subverting expectations entirely.

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