In 2045, a former MMA fighter turned government agent, runs a bar in the tiny town of Borealis – where a number of international interests are vying for control of the area.


“Survival Code” is a Canadian Sci-Fi Western set in the near future. There are no killer robots, but a former badass that wants to keep the peace. Cut to a ton of walking talking stereotypes that want to wreck havoc. People got shot, asses kicked and the world remains forever grateful to the presence of so many former MMA fighters that can’t act. But, they can manage to find plenty of government work. I guess that once you step out of the Octagon, you have to enter the Civil Service. I hope that’s the case, because Kimbo Slice needs all the help he can get.

This is the kind of movie that screams Direct-to-Video. There’s nothing to be gained by watching it, as it doesn’t ever hit a point where it becomes entertaining. I guess it exists to give SyFy something to air during the weekend afternoons. So, I salute the brave team that comes together to produce background content for middlin’ stations. Hell, it reminds me of that 30 Rock episode where Jack Donaghy sells off the aborted Liz Lemon Dealbreakers talk show. Corporate synergy coming together to help hide terrible material is what made this country’s six remaining media conglomerates so strong. A bunch of goofy dinguses partnering up and inflicting their crap on the populace.

The DVD comes with a Digital HD copy and nothing else for the special features. The A/V Quality is typical for standard definition DTV fare. Most of the Dolby track keeps everything upfront. Plus, the transfer has a few bits of digital noise. In the end, I’d recommend skipping it.


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