Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray review]

In season five, Supergirl faces threats, both new and ancient. National City becomes enthralled with addictive virtual reality technologies created by CatCo's charming-but-secretive new owner, Andrea Rojas. As Kara uses the power of the press to try to expose this danger, she must contend with challenges put up by rival reporter William Dey, renegade Martian Malefic J'onzz, a shadowy organization called Leviathan, and the shocking return of Lex Luthor who, in addition to his plot for world domination, seeks to claim the soul of Supergirl's best friend (and his sister) Lena. With humanity choosing to lose itself in technology, can Supergirl save the world yet again?
Video - 8.8
Audio - 8.6
Movie - 7.8
Special Features - 8.4

Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season begins with Lena Luthor coming to terms with learning about her best friends. It turns out that Lex Luthor has decided to share Kara Danvers’ secret identity with his little sister. Now, she’s losing her mind and doing some pseudo Superman villain stuff with her. Honestly, it feels very derivative and almost threatens to derail the season. Luckily, it didn’t.

Supergirl Season 5 Blu-ray

Seeing as how this was Crisis Year for the DC CW shows, they continued to knock it out of the park here. While you had Obsidian Tech, Phantom Zone projectors and more Martians to help strength the standalone stuff…we know what mattered the most. People watched this year to see how Supergirl fared during the Crisis. If you’re a comics fan, you’ll know that Supergirl’s death is considered one of the key milestones of the First Crisis.

Given Marv Wolfman’s guiding hand in the TV version, would lightning strike twice? The answer is not really. But, I did enjoy the smart way they handled Mxyzptlk this year. Why am I getting the Superman show I wanted for years in a Supergirl show? As a long time comics fan, this is blowing my mind.

Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray review] 3

Melissa Benoist has carved out what I’d call a definitive take on Supergirl. Sure, it doesn’t take a ton to upstage the 1984 performance or the Smallville Kara. But, what Benoist does here is tap into that same energy that Christopher Reeve pulled down for years. You can’t help but like them not just as Kryptonians, but as people.

If Stargirl is the heart of these CW shows, then Supergirl is the spirit. While I’m more of a Doom Patrol person, I deeply enjoy the fact that we’re living in a DC Comics renaissance on TV.

Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray review] 5

The Blu-ray comes with deleted scenes, gag reel and a look at the Comic Con 2019 panels as the special features. The A/V Quality is on par with the recent WB CW DC TV releases. However, I still wish we got more special features. I could stand to hear a commentary on some of the episodes with bigger directors. Oh well, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.

Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray review] 7

Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season arrives on Blu-ray on September 8th

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