Skydiving requires a lot out of a person.

“Sunshine Superman” is a look at the founder of the base jumping movement. Carl Boenish was a daredevil who believed that the BASE movement could bring joy to people missing it in their lives. Working somewhere between being a stuntman and a cinematographer, Carl would marry a fellow enthusiast and become involved in an international push for the sport. He’d work on a Frankenheimer movie and record many of his stunts for primetime specials. Boenish would also be arrested frequently for his stunts.

In an era where extreme sports are a dime a dozen, this film came around at the right time. “The Walk” has people interested in bigger stunts of the 70s and 80s and there’s some crossover with this documentary. But, you also see what happens when the daredevil can’t break away from the material. If Boenish didn’t go back for that last Norway stunt, he would’ve live or died later.

It’s hard to put a pin in what would happen without being a nag. Still, this is a treat that has popped up on Digital Download during the crowded early Fall. If you have the chance, I’d recommend breaking out of the Halloween mold to watch it. Especially, if you’re still jonesin’ after seeing “The Walk”.


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