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Sugar Hill avenges the mob’s murder of her fiance. To accomplish her deed, she gets help from a man skilled in voodoo who conjures up black zombies from the grave.


“Sugar Hill” is a Blaxsploitation horror effort, like Blackenstein or Blacula. It’s a Blaxploitation film that mixes the best of a Jack Hill movie with the over the top panache of Live and Let Die.

The makeup effects for the zombies were novel and extremely effective – I’ve never seen any other film use ‘brass eyes and cobwebs’ effects and bluish “bad skin” tints like this. Someone did a wonderful job coaching the extras on how to be convincing as cold, soulless, remorseless, shambling piles of ex-humanity. And they are framed and filmed and lighted in setups out of your worst nightmares. The setups for each of the revenge scenes are well done, and there is a lot of variety in the scenarios, as well as some macabre humor.

The DVD comes with no special features. But, you get amazing A/V Quality for a movie on a DVD-R disc. The audio also sounds much more cleaned up than the version on Netflix Instant Streaming. The transfer still comes across a little rough, but that’s what you get for an unremastered film like this. I’d recommend a purchase for all classic horror fans.


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