“Sudden Fear” has been called a lesser attempt to mimic Hitchcock. I find that not to be the case. As any older film that is enjoying a sudden re-appreciation, the audiences gets to see clearly what didn’t work. That being the first third of the movie that painfully setups a rather basic plot. Jack Palance wants to screw over Joan Crawford and take her wealth. What should’ve been 5 minutes at most, stretches into a painfully slow 30 minute run.

From there on, it’s a Jack Palance showcase of screwing over every woman he meets. Gloria Grahame got a ton of praise for being Palance’s woman on the side, but she plays things so melodramatically. Yeah, it was a different acting style back then. The New School hadn’t quite dumped enough Brandos into the Mid-Atlantic field yet, but we can see a dark edge emerging. Crawford while quite capable in the role, almost gets overshadowed by the daring feats being undertaken. If any of this sounds intriguing, I’d recommend picking it up. As far as I know, a few readers have already mentioned seeing it on TCM. Go the extra mile and pick up the Blu.


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  • 1.37:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 2.0 Mono

RELEASE DATE: 12/13/16

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