scam republique world cinema dvd

Indiepix World Cinema DVD Review Cavalcade

Scam Republique is a World Cinema film from Cameroon about two kids that get caught up in internet theft. Using a Dengue Fever treatment to frame the reason for the crimes, the end result is pretty im...

7.9 Good
the blue eyes dvd indiepix

Troy demolishes reviews of October 6th releases

Botero arrives from Corinth Films on October 6th Botero is a film about an artist that I don’t recognize. Shot across 10 cities, the film takes us through the artist’s life. His kids find ...

6.4 Fair
Djon Africa DVD

Djon Africa

Miguel (Miguel Moreira) -- a.k.a. Djon África -- a likeable aspiring musician with a knack for smooth talk, is coasting listlessly through a life of construction work, petty shoplifting and womanizing...

7.6 Good

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