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The Gang of Four (1989) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review] 17 8.1 Great

The Gang of Four (1989) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review]

In the murky chaos of film criticism, we often lose sight of what truly matters – that is, until a film like “The Gang of Four” (1989) hits the scene and leaves us catching our breath. Dir...

Let It Be Morning (2021) [Blu-ray Review] 19 8.1 Great

Let It Be Morning (2021) [Blu-ray Review]

Let It Be Morning is a 2021 Israeli movie that explores the struggles of Palestinians living in a small village in the West Bank. Directed by Eran Kolirin and based on the novel by Sayed Kashua, the f...

hester street title 9 Amazing

Hester Street (1975) [Cohen Blu-ray review]

Hester Street is the greatest Carol Kane movie. But, what about Joan Mecklin Silver? Well, what about her? The Cohen Collection has been doing right by Silver by bringing her early work to the masses ...

Dancing with Crime title 8.3 Great

Dancing with Crime (1947) / The Green Cockatoo (1940) [Blu-ray review]

Dancing with Crime and The Green Cockatoo get a double feature Blu-ray from Cohen Collection. While it’s fun to see young Richard Attenborough starring in early British Film Noir, I’m not ...

only the animals title 8.7 Great

Only the Animals (2019) [Blu-ray review]

Only the Animals is a film adaptation of the rather recent novel by Niel. It plays like an Altman film in France, while also echoing equal bits of PTA and The Coen Brothers. But, that doesn’t ma...

expresso bongo title 8.2 Great

Expresso Bongo (1959) [Blu-ray review]

Expresso Bongo is a very specific satire of the music industry. By that, I mean it’s a Post World War II and Pre British Invasion examination of popular music. Laurence Harvey plays a scummy age...

buster keaton college 8.4 Great

The Buster Keaton Collection: Volume 4 [Blu-ray review]

The Buster Keaton Collection returns from Cohen Collection. It’s been over a year since Volume 3, but that’s to be understood. The pandemic has screwed everything up and a ton of the Keato...

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