“Stray Cat Rock” is a collection of five movies that scratches every one of my exploitation itches. You have a motorcycle girl gang, they’re slutty and they are Japanese. They have a rival gang of all dudes who hate mixed-race people and like to have rape parties. Seriously, the third movie has a rape party as the major set piece. If you dig Meiko Kaji, you can’t consider yourself a fan unless you see these films.

Japanese girl gangs were a nice way to kick off the start of Japan’s Pink Era. While the sex and nudity is there, these films are the Japanese Cult equivalent of Ramones songs. Quick, loud and never lasting longer than what the audience has to give it. Hell, the gang even screws with organized religion in Wild Jumbo.

There is one catch with this set and that is the means of storing the discs. When I struggled to watch my old Office early seasons on Blu-Ray, I vowed to never buy one of those eco storage cases ever again. Now, what do I see for this set? I shouldn’t have to be scared that I’m going to break a disc to slip it out to watch. If the movies weren’t so amazing, that might have dropped the overall score.

The Blu-Ray comes with interviews, trailers and a collectible booklet as the special features. The A/V Quality is astounding for genre films from 45 years ago. The 1080p transfer pops for each film. Then, you’ve got stunning PCM audio tracks that make every available track of audio pop. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase of this Limited Edition set.

Release Date: 7/14/15

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