“Stevie D” is a funny film about a mafioso trying to get a random actor murdered. It’s a case of forced mistaken identity by way of a lame payday. The story feels done before, but it works for what it is. Plus, Hal Linden shows up in a strong supporting role. For a film that nearly hits two hours, it takes forever to get the comedy going. That being said, it eventually pays off. It’s weird to say, but I kinda wish the film would’ve went darker.


  • Nothing


  • 2.35:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1

RELEASE DATE: 12/27/16

  • 85%
    Video - 85%
  • 85%
    Audio - 85%
  • 0%
    Supplemental Material - %
  • 75%
    Film Score - 75%

The Plot Thus Far

STEVIE D is a humorous crime drama about a Los Angeles construction magnate whose only son has accidentally killed a connected man. A sinister plan is hatched that sends the son into hiding while an unsuccessful actor is hired to fill his shoes and unknowingly take the hit.

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