Step into the Surreal World of Terror Films’ New Horror-Mystery-Thriller – Country of Hotels

Step into the Surreal World of Terror Films' New Horror-Mystery-Thriller - Country of Hotels 17

Terror Films and director Julio Maria Martino have teamed up to bring us an unforgettable horror-mystery-thriller, Country of Hotels. The movie takes us on a surreal journey through the haunted lives of the desperate souls who pass through the doors of 508, a room on the fifth floor of a decaying, anonymous hotel.

As we follow the story down the lonely corridors and behind the outdated furnishings and stained surfaces, we become immersed in an ever-turning carousel of characters who check in and out of this sinister establishment. Director Martino worked hard to create an environment that is relentlessly oppressive and claustrophobic, with occasional moments of dark humor.

While the film is not a prediction of pandemic lockdown, Martino notes that people’s daily existences in many parts of the world have come to resemble this experience. The film offers an alternate reality of what happens when you step into a decaying, dilapidated hotel, lose your mind, and never leave. The cast includes Siobhán Hewlett, Matthew Leitch, Adam Leese, Michael Laurence, and Charles Pike, with a screenplay by David Hauptschein.

Step into the Surreal World of Terror Films' New Horror-Mystery-Thriller - Country of Hotels 19

Country of Hotels will be available on digital platforms starting May 26th, and promises to take you on a journey unlike any other.

Get ready to step into a surreal and blackly comic world, where an unseen, unnamed, and mutable threat lurks behind every hotel room door and down every long, lonely corridor.

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