Director: R.J. Cutler
Writer: Shauna Cross
Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Stacy Keach, Mireille Enos, Joshua Leonard, Jamie Blackley
Studio: Warner Brothers/New Line/MGM/the change in Robert Evans’ couch cushions

“If I Stay” takes a look at how a girl named Mia deals with sudden trauma. Specifically, she’s in a coma following a massive car wreck that is left her in a disembodied state. Mia ventures into her past, as she remembers her boyfriend and her family’s best experience with her. Unfortunately, that pressing sense to let go and let everyone move on is in the back of her mind. If anything, this is every Livejournal user’s greatest fantasy. Getting to be semi-alive for your funeral and listening as all those that wronged you or didn’t give you what you wanted in life suddenly realized that they need you.

Chloe Grace Moretz has been turning down major films to take these smaller character driven dramas and I can’t say that it is the best decision. It could be, if the material was a little stronger and seen by more than a handful of viewers. Unfortunately, that also leads to audience bait like this movie. The novel isn’t bad, as I read it in preparation for viewing this movie. While I won’t count myself as a fan of the text, it handled Mia’s decisions in a far more believable nature than the film.

The teen obsession with death in the passing sense is artificial and leaves older viewers a little disgusted. In the same summer that brought us “The Fault in Our Stars”, I hate seeing youthful obsessions with attention grabbing trauma to be distasteful. Death is something to be respected and it’s not something that can be wished away at a moment’s notice. Watching a privileged little girl get a couple of hours to readdress how awesome her life is smacks of first world problems. If you’ve seen the film, you can guess what I thought of the movie. Don’t rush to see this, as it’ll be on video sooner than later.


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