Last year’s six-hour mini about heroine Molly (Debra Messing) navigating single motherhood, romance, and a new career alongside bosom buddy Joan (Judy Davis) and gay pal Rodney (Chris Diamantopoulos) gets the full series treatment.

Debra Messing is an absolute dream in this funny, poignant and very truthful story.  She was always excellent in “Will and Grace,” and it is a delight to see her in a more complex, mature role.  The viewer soon learns that Molly is not a typical pampered and spoiled lady regardless of her lifestyle as wife of Kenny Kagen. 

She had a career as a writer before she met Kenny, and very quickly it is evident that she has intestinal fortitude, resourcefulness, and a sense of humor that gives her courage to face life without the Hollywood perks.  Surrounded by friends, who refuse to abandon her when she is no longer “socially acceptable,” Molly creates a new family.

The preview disc arrived with the first two episodes of the “second” season. After two more hours spent with Molly Kagan, I’m not impressed by the antics anymore. She’s just doing the slightly less famous female version of “Entourage”. They talk and smile, then go around from place to place talking. I don’t want to watch people goofing off and doing nothing. That shit is boring and best left to people who found reality television to be entertaining. I need a story!

But, if you find a diary turning into more adventures to futz around Hollywood to be something, then this is for you. If you find a “Sex and the City” lite story about an affair with a baseball player to be hot, this is for you. The entire affair is fantasy fullfillment for unhappy females scattered throughout the country. Oh well, gender fantasy equality. We all can’t be Batman. 

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