“Rebels” returns with the Rebellion abandoning Lothal. The fleet is having to find supplies fast and move to new bases. Meanwhile, Kanan and Ezra continue training and preparing for the inevitable return of the Inquisitors. Throughout the season, we start to see doubts in Ezra’s mind as to what he should be doing as a potential Jedi. The Dark Side clouds his future, as he begins to court Sith temptations. Naturally, Darth Maul appears to help this along while doing his best Yoda.

Teenage Princess Leia and Yoda mark important cameos throughout the season, but the major movie ties don’t really matter. What matters is that we buy this crew as a family unit. Rex and Ahsoka blend into the series naturally and one finds themselves wondering what will come of them. This season is what made me a fan, as the first season left me kinda shaky. Given the third season’s introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn and darker elements, I’m onboard.

It’s just that we’re going to eventually run into Rogue One territory. There’s only so much ground to cover, before the series is neck deep in the Original Trilogy. I trust in what Dave Filoni has produced and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I just wish the entire run of The Clone Wars could’ve been this good.


  • Blu-ray Exclusive breakdown of the Vader vs. Ahsoka fight.
  • Featurettes


  • 1.78:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby 5.1


  • 99%
    Video - 99%
  • 90%
    Audio - 90%
  • 87%
    Supplemental Material - 87%
  • 98%
    Show Score - 98%

The Plot Thus Far

The epic battle to defeat the evil Empire continues in STAR WARS REBELS: COMPLETE SEASON TWO! As Ezra continues his journey to become a Jedi under Kanan’s guidance, the crew of the Ghost bands together with a secret rebel cell and ex soldiers from the Clone Wars to join a fledgling alliance to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. But the dark side looms large as Darth Vader dispatches new Inquisitors, setting the stage for a climactic showdown in which terrible truths will be revealed and the lives of our heroes will be changed forever.

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