“Spring” plays like a Linklater movie as an international horror tale. A sous chef flees California after his mother dies and a local fight gets him in trouble with the cops. Now, he’s backpacking around Italy and he meets the lovely Nadia Hilker. I don’t make a big deal over an actress’s looks anymore, but Hilker is gorgeous. I watched the film about three times more than I needed to watch it because of her.

The film plays like a take on “Cat People”, but kicked up a notch. Nadia Hilker’s character has been alive for centuries, but she has to hide her monstrous form. Turning into a monster doesn’t mean she’s a mindless beast, but she has various stages of controlling that side. If she can stay in charge of it and make a relationship with the sous chef, she’s a happy immortal. But, can the two find a way to make it work and not have her new love be eaten?

The Blu-Ray/DVD comes with a Digital Copy, commentary, deleted scenes, feature length documentary, alternate ending, featurettes, proof of concept and promo videos as the special features. The A/V Quality sports an amazing DTS-HD 5.1 transfer. The 1080p transfer looks amazing for an indie production. Hell, the Drafthouse Films have been looking amazing recently. If you’re trying to order this one from Amazon, you’re out of luck until August. Thanks a lot, Best Buy. Everyone should keep that brick and mortar fart shack alive and pick up a copy.

Release Date: 6/2/15 (exclusive at Best Buy until August 11th)

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