“Spot the Loony” is a CD compiled from Chapman’s 1988 college speaking stops. The disc opens up with an invitation for the audience to swear and yell at him. Then, he explains his past and talks about his friends. Honestly, the majority of the disc is spent talking about Monty Python and you get the distinct impression that you’re listening to more than a comedy album. It’s a lecture disc where a Python member gives you a sense of history from the inside. Sadly, Chapman would die months after this CD was recorded. I’d love to see what MVD can do with more of this kinds of discs. Truly wonderful.


1 Give Me Some Abuse 1:42
2 The Dangerous Sports Club 6:01
3 The Winter Sports Event 9:21
4 Catapulting 3:11
5 The Bungee Jump 1:37
6 Adventure Movie 2:49
7 Keith Moon 1:38
8 The ‘Shitties’ Game 3:53
9 A Bottle Of Gin 2:33
10 Exploding Door 1:29
11 Censorship 5:27
12 What Is Your Favourite Colour? 3:30
13 Coconuts 0:41
14 Full Frontal Nudity 2:16
15 Favourite Scenes 4:43
16 Monty Python Casting 1:58
17 Terry Gilliam 1:25
18 How The Pythons Met 6:47
19 Improvisation 1:22
20 Life Of Brian 3:41
21 Hell Fire And Damnation 4:21
22 Oscar Wilde 3:12
23 Thankyou And Goodnight 0:45



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