Spike TV Seeks to Settle the Age-Old Question – Who is the Deadliest Warrior?

Who would win in a battle to the death — a Samurai or a Viking? William Wallace or Shaka Zulu? The Japanese Yakuza or the Sicilian Mafia? Spike TV...

Who would win in a battle to the death — a Samurai or a Viking? William Wallace or Shaka Zulu? The Japanese Yakuza or the Sicilian Mafia? Spike TV seeks to finally put these age old questions to rest in “Deadliest Warrior,” an unprecedented, non-scripted series that pits history’s greatest warriors against one another to determine, once and for all, who reigns supreme.


Premiering Tuesday, April 7 (10-11p.m., ET/PT) on Spike TV, the debut episode, “Gladiator vs. Apache,” features the crowd-pleasing killer of ancient Rome going up against the fierce, unyielding scalp-picking Native American warrior. Modern day gladiator, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, makes a special appearance in this episode to test the gladiator’s lethal weapons using his legendary striking abilities.

Each week, a new episode will pit two of the most feared warriors civilization has ever known against each other. To collect all significant data on these legends of combat, “Deadliest Warrior” assembled a fight club that consists of three series regulars: Geoff Desmoulin, a biomedical engineer and karate black belt who uses high-tech sensors to collect the data; ER doctor and UFC physician, Dr. Armand Dorian, who analyzes the lethal potential of each attack on the human body; and computer whiz, Max Geiger, who tracks all the test findings to ultimately run in a battle simulation program. Along with the use of 21st century science and the latest in CGI technology, each episode enlists warrior-specific world-class fighters and experts to provide insight into what makes these combatants tick, analyzing every facet of their unique skills of destruction, culminating in a head-to-head final fight between two legends of the battlefield that will produce the deadliest warrior.

Other highly-anticipated showdowns this season include: Pirate vs. Knight, Taliban vs. IRA, Yakuza vs. Mafia, Viking vs. Samurai, Green Beret vs. Spetznaz, Maori vs. Shaolin Monks, William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu and Ninja vs. Spartan.

“Deadliest Warrior” featured content on Spike.com will consist of preview clips and highlight segments from each episode. Users will also be able to view full episodes of that week’s episode online after it has premiered on-air.

“Deadliest Warrior” is produced for Spike TV by Morningstar Entertainment (“Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force”). The series is executive produced by Gary Tarpanian and Paninee Theeranuntawat. Tim Prokop serves as supervising producer and director. Sharon Levy and Tim Duffy are Spike TV’s executives in charge of production.

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