“Species” continues Western Civilization’s love affair with body horror involving lady parts. While this film debuted when I was 14, I automatically associate it with the creepiness that others throw upon “Alien”. What’s funny is that besides the HR Giger connection, so much of this film apes that 1979 masterpiece. A working class crew that gets brought together to hunt down something beyond their means. The sheer level of people that get decimated to make the Big Bad that much scarier. If that wasn’t enough, there’s tiny little panties too!

Richard Edlund’s special effects are stunning and they make the sequel look that much more pedestrian. What this new Collector’s Edition from Shout Factory manages to accomplish is reframing this material 22 years after the fact. The new 4K scan looks pitch perfect. Plus, the new interviews take a more technical bent to explain several of the stunning FX shots. Personally, I love the sub-skin face shift when SIL is drowning the guy in the hot tub. Everyone has something they dig about this movie, so make sure to pick it up.


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The Plot Thus Far

The strange alliance of human DNA and a signal from outer space produces a murderous creature that takes the form of a gorgeous blonde. She’s soon turning heads–and removing other body parts–on the L.A. singles scene. Can an assassin, a psychic, a biologist and an anthropologist stop her before the human race is destroyed?

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