“Southlander” is a movie about the LA music scene circa 2001. It’s kinda sad to see Elliot Smith and many others show up, but it’s also neat to see young Beck and Gregg Henry. The Southlander is a music magazine that hooks up amateur musicians and gig bands with equipment and job opportunities. After a Mellotron is stolen, young Rory Cochrane has to tear ass through LA to find his stolen instrument. The film is pretty basic, but it’s more of a Where’s Waldo for fans of scene music from that era. It’s a shame that the movie didn’t get much more attention upon initial release. Still, some success is better than no success.


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The Plot Thus Far

A down and out Los Angeles musician, Chance (Rory Cochrane, Dazed and Confused, Argo) gets a shot at fame, fortune, romance and redemption when he is offered the opportunity to tour with the band “Future Piegon”, fronted by the lovely lead singer Rocket (played by real life alt-rock star Beth Orton). But on the eve of the gig his most prized possession (a rare 1969 “Molotron” keyboard) is stolen from his car and the only place to find it is in the pages of “The Southlander”, the ultimate buy/sell classified paper for musicians in Southern California. His quest to find his coveted instrument quickly turns into a surreal trip through LA’s underground music scene that includes appearances by modern rock superstar and Grammy Award Winner Beck, Hank Williams III, “Royal Trux” rocker Jennifer Herrema, skateboarding legend Mark Gonzales, and Academy Award Nominated musician (for his song “Miss Misery” from the film Good Will Hunting) Elliott Smith. Southlander features and all-star cast that includes Gregg Henry (Guardians of the Galaxy), Richard Edson (Do the Right Thing), Ione Skye (Say Anything…), Laura Prepon (“Orange is the New Black”) and Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (“Welcome Back Kotter”) along with original music by Beck, Beth Orton, Elliott Smith, Hank Williams III and more!


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