Sometimes Always Never gets a pass from me because of Bill Nighy. But, I give that pass with high reservations. I was supposed to have tackled this one by last Friday, but I kept watching it. Mainly because I found myself lulled into a zombie like slumber while watching it. But, the quarantine has impacted my mental capacity for slow moving dramas.

The movie does prove that Scrabble destroys more families than shared Facebook accounts. But, what it doesn’t do is give greater context to how the lead character’s wishy-washy nature helps to influence the overall struggle. Nighy’s two kids want nothing to do with him because he’s a man of rules that are never super clear.

Sometimes Always Never [Film Review] 18

Bill Nighy always is a delight to see in movies. But, when he plays a character that won’t give you any context…the material becomes frustrating. I get that he’s a shitty dad, but an excellent tailor. His sons have legit grief with him, but we know how this is going to go. So, why keep stretching things out?

Sometimes Always Never isn’t bad, but it’s also not something that is going to grab everyone’s attention. While I watch a lot of movies each month, very few demand this much of my time. That can work in a movie’s favor, but it often makes things feel like a slog. Check it out and make what you want out of Sometimes Always Never.

Sometimes Always Never is having a virtual theater release on June 12th, On Demand on July 10th

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