“Soledad” is a simple film about a limo driver moving in and out of passenger’s lives. After he rescues a young woman from being sexually assaulted by her prom date, the driver begins opening up to the audience. Jesse Celedon is amazing in the lead, as he spins a great deal of his time evoking Gosling’s driver from “Drive”. While the young woman and the driver bond during the night, the film tries to set up a forced structure.

Will the bad boy from before return to wreck up the night? The film never knows when to end, but it doesn’t matter. Celedon and Montanna Gillis makes the journey worth the effort. The cultural clashes between the two don’t matter. Both are damaged individuals that are just trying to make sense of where they find themselves. In a way, it plays like a far more urban Linklater film. I know that it’s hard to get mass audiences to watch films about interpersonal relationships.

Hell, it’s even harder when the relationships are platonic. But, what does that say about the larger world? Take the time to enjoy people enjoying each other’s company.


  • Candy Factory
  • 2.35:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby 5.1
  • Available on VOD


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