Director: Bong Joon Ho
Writers: Bong Joon Ho and Kelly Masterson
Cast: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Allison Pill, Ewan Bremner and Song Kang Ho
Studio: The Weinstein Company

“Snowpiercer” intrigues because the concept is based in futility. Regardless of perpetual motion or whatever powers the train, something is going to officially cause that train to stop. When it stops, the false class system will be exposed to the wilds of a destroyed world and eventually succumb to the elements. The seeds of revolution begin when several lower class passengers start having their kids taken away from them. We get some talk about how your ticket on the train is punched by fate or some silliness and then we’re introduced to mysterious Asian. Mysterious Asian seems like a younger version of The Keymaker from the Matrix sequels of doom. Nevertheless, he exists to keep Chris Evans moving further to the front of the train.

Science Fiction used to be the realm of the greatest cinematic ideas. The idea of class warfare in Science Fiction is as old as Fritz Lang’s balls, but something about it remains tried and true. That being said, any story likes falls apart when you look at it past US vs. THEM. Ultimately, the film fails because it wants to be a message about everything. As a result, it ends up having nothing lasting to say while looking so damn cool. In a sense, it’s got the social justice sensibilities of a teenager on Facebook.

While the train analogy is apt, there’s something about the logic that’s missing from the production. The explosive drugs near the engine room, people having exotic foods that they have no way to replicate after nearly two decades aboard the train. But, it doesn’t matter because there is change around every turn and this movie is going to end happy. I got to watch the American cut early, so I’m hoping that there is something lost in the original cut that I’m not getting to see. Man, I hope something comes together on home video.

RELEASE DATE: 06/27/2014

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