SNL Legend Fred Armisen Partners with Heineken in New Social Experiment Video, “The Payphone”


In the video, Armisen calls a New York City pay phone to see who will follow through with his anonymous invite to “come across the street”. Out of the thousands that passed the phone, only five were curious and adventurous enough to answer the ringing pay phone and break away from their usual routines to participate in a legendary night of comedy.


Born out of the insight that city dwellers fall into routines in their cities and fail to seek out new experiences, Routine Interruptions was launched by Heineken to challenge people to get outside of their daily routines and unlock the secrets of their cities.To that end, Heineken is inviting anyone of legal drinking age to enter their phone number at for the chance to be part of the experiment. Here’s how it works:


· Thousands who enter will receive a mysterious call from Heineken and, if they say yes to the unknown, will be invited to partake in a reward that will unlock a unique experience in their city. Those who are selected will have the chance to change their routine and attend unique cultural activities that inspire them to try something new.

· Heineken is also inviting people to get involved through @wherenext, a social compass that reads the pulse of a city, using real-time social activity to discover what is hot and guide urbanites to new adventures off their beaten track.

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