Eight different people are invited to a five-year high school reunion at their now closed down high school where a former student, disfigured from a prank gone wrong, awaits to take revenge.


A bunch of obnoxious high school students bully a nerd and accidentally disfigure him horribly with acid and fire. Cut to ten years later and they all return to the now closed school for a reunion. As the partying kicks off with the usual booze, drugs and sex the bullies get picked off one by one. The story is terrible and the acting even worse, this is clearly a cheap tongue in cheek effort played for laughs and designed to cash in on the massive eighties demand for slasher films. The one place they put some effort in is the individual death scenes and despite the cheap effects these are quite funny.

Slaughter High (whose original title was April Fool’s Day until that title was snatched up by Paramount just months earlier) is a cheesy, fun 80’s slasher. To some it may be a stretch, but I would even call this movie a classic, in it’s own right. Sure it’s a Friday The 13th ripoff/cash in like almost every other slasher was from this period, right down to the soundtrack being done by Friday alumni Harry Manfredini, but even so, this film has its audience due to its fun nature and nostalgic feel, both of which make it appealing to watch from time to time. And speaking of Friday The 13th, it’s a wonder that Slaughter High never garnered a sequel seeing that it came from a time in horror where almost everything had at least one sequel.

The acting isn’t worth mentioning because if you’ve seen any 80’s slasher, you pretty much know what to expect and Slaughter High isn’t any different. The cast, which couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag, is made up of thirty-something’s portraying teens which is nothing new, but here you can really tell. Simon Scuddamore though, is actually pretty good as a nerdy kid and does really well towards the end of the film as a vengeful psychopath wearing a Jester mask. Sadly, Scuddamore committed suicide very shortly after the film was released.

The DVD is rather lackluster, but so is most of The Lost Collection. You come to these obscure titles for the chance to see these films again. But, they aren’t presented in the correct aspect ratio. Therefore, the A/V Quality is always going to be poor. The only supplemental is a trivia track that tells you things that you can look up on line for free. Still, it’s worth a rental to the curious. 

RELEASE DATE: 04/14/09

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