Sisters is back with an early Paul Rudd role. I'm talking pre Halloween 6.

Season 3 finally hits DVD.

“Sisters” returns for a third season that apparently is a big deal among Classic TV on DVD fans. I know because I had about the same thirteen of you asking about when this season was going to get released. Well, it’s out and I finally have something to replace my old VHS copies from their original airings on WAVE 3. I say that like I actually watched the show when it aired on NBC.

Here’s the year for the TLDR crowd. Alex gets sick, more melodrama and Paul Rudd shows up in a bit role. This is all great for the wine in a box crowd, but what about my demo? Well, they’re on Wikipedia looking up the fact that Swoosie Kurtz looks good for her age. The DVD comes with no special features.

RELEASE DATE: 1/19/2016

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