“Singles” is everything I hate about so many kinds of movies. It’s a generic romantic comedy that ruins its moment in history to turn a subculture into background music via the gap. The characters are unrealistic and it proves to me that Kyra Sedgwick has always looked like someone’s 48 year old aunt from New England. There are no personalities on display here, as we see caricatures of a time that might as well be the 1950s to most. Modern Youth knows nothing of an era where jobs were plentiful, anyone can be an artist and the future was bright. The narrow focus of a modern blended dystopia reduces this film to a pipe dream.

Cameron Crowe is an amazing writer who has lived a life that many would kill to lead. Unfortunately, he’s a middling director who fan worships Billy Wilder. He dials it back from Singer’s obsession with Donner, but it’s not too far off. “Singles” wants to say something about relationships so bad, but it lives in the filter of your mom’s understanding of grunge culture. There was music, a few boys had long hair and people just wanted to get together. No relationship in this movie matters, no identities matter. Hell, Tim Burton’s brief cameo stands out so hard because his 30 seconds actually had a personality. Still, it’s better than “Reality Bites”.

The Blu-Ray comes with a ton of deleted/extended scenes including the complete Ballad of Janet and Dr. Jeff. We get a brand new gag reel, extra takes, live grunge performances from Soundgarden and Alice in Chains for the special features. Plus, there’s a trailer which you can see in the video player. The A/V Quality sports a clean 1080p transfer that still has that soft haze that I saw on the old DVD, so I’m chalking that up to cinematography choices. However, the DTS-HD 2.0 track keep dialogue from getting stepped on for the first time. If you still have feelings for this movie, I’d recommend a purchase only to you. Anyone younger than 25 will hate this.

Release Date: 04/07/15

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