“Siberia” finds Keanu Reeves taking a trip without his wife to conduct a diamond deal in Russia. When the business deal gets botched, Reeves goes all John Wick. His wife is alive in this one, plus she’s Molly Ringwald. So, the John Wick comparisons end there. For nearly two hours, the film slowly moves through this hunt and foreign robbery scenarios that ultimately end up doing nothing. Still, that’s overlooking what kills the film.

Keanu Reeves is human Xanax and the film moves at a purposefully slow pace. Putting Reeves in the lead of a movie that can’t help but slow down with each reel change is so bad. Honestly, I’m torn. The movie is bad, but Reeves works well in the lead. Give it a stream and tell me what you think.


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The Plot Thus Far

Keanu Reeves delivers the action in this thriller packed with pulse-pounding suspense. In Russia to sell rare jewels to a businessman with underworld connections, U.S. diamond merchant Lucas Hill (Reeves) falls into a torrid affair with Katya (Ana Ularu), a local café owner. When the deal suddenly goes south, Lucas and Katya are caught in a deadly crossfire between the buyer and Russian agents, as Lucas takes up arms in a furious fight to save Katya and himself.

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