Showtime’s True Crime Documentary “Operation Odessa” Premieres March 31 at 9 pm ET/PT

Showtime's True Crime Documentary "Operation Odessa" Premieres March 31 at 9 pm ET/PT 1
From the director and producers of The Seven Five, “Operation Odessa” is a true crime documentary about a Russian mobster, a Miami playboy and a Cuban spy who sold a Soviet submarine to a Colombian drug cartel for $35 million. Premiering Saturday, March 31 at 9 pm ET/PT, the film tells the true story of three friends who set out to hustle the Russian mob, the Cali cartel, and the DEA for the score of a lifetime. What really happened to the sub, the money, and the three amigos has remained a shadowy underworld myth… until now.
“Operation Odessa” is directed by Tiller Russell and produced by Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman for The Intellectual Property Corporation along with Sheldon Yellen of Belfor Entertainment.

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