Shout! Factory TV Presents VHS Vault 3: Season of the Glitch

Shout! Factory TV Presents VHS Vault 3: Season of the Glitch 1

Shout! Factory TV proudly presents a voyage down to the bottom of the video shelf that will leave you screaming for more with the VHS Vault 3: Season of the Glitch!


Starting Thursday, May 11th, flash back to the glory days of home video with the VHS versions of A Boy and His Dog, Never Too Young to Die, Oblivion, and Q: The Winged Serpent, all streaming free.


It’s no secret VHS aficionados love a good sequel, so we’re bringing you more VHS rips of nostalgic films. But this isn’t some lame sequel that can’t recapture the glory of the original, VHS Vault Part 3 is one of those rare, kick-ass, even-better-than-the-original sequels!


This blast from the blast comes complete with a throwback website for your viewing pleasure. All films will be streaming for free on Shout! Factory TV, no rewinding or VHS player required! Fans can also watch the VHS Vault Part 3 block on on desktop, tablet and mobile, and on Shout! Factory TV’s apps on the Roku player, Amazon Fire, Amazon Channels, Apple TV and Samsung smart TVs.


A Boy and His Dog

A rad take on a dystopian future, a guy and his telepathic dog fend for themselves in a nuclear war wasteland. That Don Johnson kid is one bad dude–be on the lookout for him to star in some righteous movies in the future, or maybe even a TV series!

Never Too Young to Die

This secret agent action flick is all about the actors! The main cast includes two currently relevant musicians, Vanity and Gene Simmons. It might have been hard to recognize Simmons if he hadn’t just recently revealed his face without the KISS makeup. But the real breakout here is John Stamos, who will no doubt be known worldwide as a huge action star in the near future.


It’s a futuristic outer space sci-fi Western comedy movie, and if you can’t handle that you’d better take a chill pill. Oblivion pits cowboys against aliens, and surely there won’t be a more epic or popular alien movie that comes out in the next two or three years. This will definitely be remembered as the classic alien movie of the ’90s.

Q: The Winged Serpent

With cutting edge stop-motion special effects, Q: The Winged Serpent looks better than any video game could ever dream of! A dragon-like Aztec god lives in the Chrysler Building and he doesn’t even have to pay rent–bogus! Can anyone in New York stop this gnarly monser??

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