Two Irish-American brothers. Mickey, the older, hippie-like, lost, not knowing what he wants. The younger brother, Francis, a Wall Street power player with a beautiful wife named Renee, rich. Unfortunately, Francis is having an affair with Mickey’s promiscuous ex-fiancée Heather. Mickey meets and marries a girl, named Hope he’s known for 24 hours, while Francis dumps Renee to ask Heather to marry him… not realizing that Mickey was right about her.


 “She’s the One” is about the relationships between the two brothers and their father. After Diaz marries a rich old guy, young brother cannot salvage his broken relationship with Aniston, rightly so. After first being hesitant to follow his new wife to Paris for school, Burns realizes his error, the film ends with the three men and the young wife heading out on the boat, going fishing, a break in the family tradition of “men only” fishing trip. This is symbolic of the changed way the three of them look at life and relationships, coming on the heels of dad finding out mom wasn’t going to church each morning a 8AM, but fooling around with the old hardware store man who simply admired her and gave her attention.

 Even the vain and judgmental Francis is subject to private doubts about himself. I like watching seemingly ordinary, flawed human beings reaching outwardly and inwardly, as they trundle through the days of their lives. Burns’ characters are pretty and petty, shallow in some areas and show depth in others. They seem real to me and I enjoy the up-close view he gives us as they examine their own faces in the bathroom mirror and when they put on their public faces for their outside lives.

The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary, featurette, amazing music video and trailer. The 1080p transfer is pretty strong for an indie movie from the 1990s. However, I found that the DTS-HD 2.0 master audio track created a proper soundstage for a quiet drama. What was more amazing was the fact that no dialogue was stepped on. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.


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