Sex in the Comix is so mature that you can't handle it.

Disney isn't making a cinematic universe out of these comics.

“Sex in the Comix” clocks in under an hour while not knowing what it wants to do. Striking equal measure between a history of erotic comics and a look at the artists that pioneered the field, the doc is a little schizo. You get the usual heavyweights talking about the material like Crumb and Manara. But, there is a small army of lesser known creators that deserve to have their story told. If this were a feature length documentary, I guess that would’ve happened.

Molly Crabapple makes for an intriguing host, as she tackles the material with a careful hand. That being said, the documentary still feels like material produced for French Television. I could see it working as part of a larger series about comic history. It’s just that the documentary asks a lot of its audience. I’m a bit of a comic book scholar and I only recognized about 85-90% of the material presented. I hope more people check it out, as I want to talk about it with a wider audience.

RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2015

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