Decide the truth for yourself in this thrilling true story of the biggest scandal in Las Vegas. Ted Binion (Matthew Modine, TV’s Weeds) is Vegas royalty, the prince of the world famous Horseshoe Casino – rich, rowdy and randy. When he falls for Sandy Murphy (Mena Suvari, Beauty Shop) at a local strip club, he becomes trapped in a web of drugs, deception and ultimately his death. His apparent overdose soon unravels into a suspicious homicide case after the urging of Binion’s sister Becky (Marcia Gay Harden, TV’s Damages). Now Sandy and her boyfriend (Johnathon Schaech, Quarantine) are scrambling to uncover the truth in this shocking tale of love gone sour and greed gone wild.


In the long, colorful history of Las Vegas crime, one case stands out: the shocking true story of the tumultuous, tortured romance of beauty-queen-turned-stripper Sandy Murphy and reckless casino mogul Ted Binion. At first, it seemed like the kind of story Las Vegas was invented for: she was a beauty from the wrong side of the tracks, he was one of the most eligible bachelors in town, and together they found true love. But every Vegas tale has a dark side, and soon reports of drugs, guns, cash, and mobsters begin to soil this storybook affair.
Mena Suvari and Matthew Modine star in the true story of a Las Vegas dancer (in other words, a stripper) who married a Las Vegas casino owner – and then stood trial for his murder. This one has that trashy, can’t-look-away appeal of a car accident. Modine is especially outrageous as the yee-hawing, gun-toting, heroin-smoking casino owner who keeps his fortune in silver bars buried in a vacant lot. Suvari keeps her cool as the gold-digger who ropes this bull, then finishes him off to collect his fortune – but winds up being charged with his murder instead.
The DVD is a decent release for a Lifetime TV-movie. There’s no special features. But, the A/V Quality moves past anything that you could see on broadcast television. Then, there’s the fact that Lifetime actually got an Oscar nominated director to helm this flick. It’s better than the channel deserved. Hopefully, they can keep this up as I make it my first Lifetime recommended rental. 
RELEASE DATE: 04/28/09

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