While Sigmund Freud psychanalyzes Sherlock Holmes’ addiction to cocaine, Holmes devotes himself to solving a mystery involving the kidnapping of Lola Deveraux.


“The Seven-Per-Cent Solution” opens on Sherlock Holmes during his “lost” years when he was believed to be dead, but was in actuality deep in the throes of addiction to cocaine, the “7 percent solution” of the title. Industrious Dr. Watson and Holmes’ brother Mycroft scheme to induce Holmes to travel to Vienna, where they make Holmes believe that the evil Dr. Moriarty is traveling. In fact, the real reason Mycroft and Watson are luring Holmes to Vienna is so that he can be treated by the celebrated Dr. Freud. While in Vienna Holmes undergoes a harrowing cure, solves a mystery involving a prostitute, and also lends a few ideas concerning dream analysis to young Dr. Freud.

The discovery of cocaine in the 19th century originally seemed like a perfect drug and many doctors perceived it as an ideal cure for everything. Even Freud used it extensively and prescribed it for his patients until he became dependent on it. There are those who say that the same thing happened to Conan Doyle, who eventually kicked the habit, but used in as a part of the Character of Sherlock Holmes, at least in the earlier stories, who claimed that the boredom that set in when his mind was not occupied on a case was only relieved by a seven percent solution of the drug that he would inject himself with.

The Blu-Ray comes with an interview with Nicholas Meyer and a DVD Copy. It’s a neat release that shows that Universal should keep giving their older titles to Shout Factory. The 1080p transfer is period appropriate and shows the proper amount of grain. Plus, the DTS-HD mono master audio track makes every moment pop. I’d recommend a purchase to everyone.

RELEASE DATE: 01/22/2013

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