Sesame Street: The Magical Wand Chase

Sesame Street: The Magical Wand Chase 1

The Magical Wand Chase begins with a bird stealing Abby’s magic wand. Now, Elmo and Abby have to run through NYC to find the magical wand before the Lords of Chaos and Order destroy muppetkind. What part did I make up? You’ll never know because you left your child to watch this. I could say that Grover turns into the Witcher and murders a cab driver for crossing him. Are you really going  to take the time to sit down and watch this?

Sesame Street has become an odd duck this decade. After having to take the new content to HBO, we’re seeing mainstream kids straying away from the Children’s Television Workshop. Hell, my kid will watch these DVDs, but she won’t watch it on HBO deep channel for 30 minutes every Saturday morning. What is cool about this set is the special features are loaded. You get Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge, a bonus episode and a downloadable storybook. It’s quite the bargain.


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